120 MM Torx Fan
  • Unique Combination of two fan blades: Traditional fan blade and Dispersion Fan blade to increase it effectiveness
  • Hydro-Dynamic Bearing: Spinning smoothly on self-lubricating HDB, the fan has an extreme long lifespan under constant operation.
  • Integrated Anti-vibration Pad: Made from soft silicone rubber to reduce the vibration between fan and chassis, and prevent additional noise
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$19.99  $13.99
MEG Silent Gale P12 120 mm Fan
  • The fan blades are also carefully crafted to maximize airflow performance, optimized at a 32-degree angle to retain 58% of the airflow.
  • The MEG SILENT GALE P12’s fan blades are constructed by LCP (liquid crystal polymer), a compound that reduces vibration while the fan is running at maximum speed and has a high strength that can withstand thermal expansion.
  • The HDB (hydro-dynamic) bearing effectively reduces friction noise as well as increases the fan’s life expectancy.
  • The anti-vibration gaskets sitting on the four corners of the fan are used to reduce rattling caused by the vibration.
  • The frame is designed with an angle and curvature so that airflow is directed and channeled in a highly focused stream. This design minimizes turbulence, and the focused airflow enhances static pressure.
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