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Next-Gen PCs AI Ready


Whether you are into AAA gaming, competitive eSports, or content creation, MSI has got you covered with a wide array of gaming PC series and configurations that are sure to fit your playstyle. Loaded with the latest in AI-ready hardware and MSI AI software, these systems will accelerate your gaming prowess.

MSI desktops are USA-built for those who want a DIY-style rig without any worry about part compatibility. Want to upgrade your GPU, RAM or Storage capacity? The option is always there with MSI desktops thanks to standardized PC components.

Envision your Victory

Top of the line specs meet top of the line aesthetics. The Vision series is a sight to behold featuring a panoramic tempered glass side panel putting high-end hardware on display. If you got it flaunt it, customize your system even further with various addressable RGB components and put your stamp on your gaming experience.


Wield the Power

The Aegis RS series is the gold standard for anyone looking to take their gaming to the next level. Combining breakthrough technologies with up to a 14th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 processor and MSI GeForce RTX™4080 graphics card, Available in four chassis styles, Aegis RS brings Pro-level gaming performance from the get-go.


Go Beyond

Ultimate performace meets ultimate potential. Crafted for those who live and breath PC gaming, the Infinite series combines the latest in bleeding edge gaming technologies in monolith of a chassis engineered for those who love to tinker. Swinging side panels provide easy hardware access allowing enthusiasts to tweak and push gaming performance past its limits.


Built to Perform

Everyone has to start somewhere, whether you are climbing ELO or getting your first win. MSI wants you to have the perfect desktop to start your gaming journey. With the brand new Codex Series, a sleek & compact gaming desktop featuring the latest hardware and technology, it delivers extraordinary gaming performance to wield your gaming power.


AI Ready

Our upgraded MSI Center now come with AI Engine. It auto detects installed applications and adjusts system settings (profiles) for different scenarios. Whether you are browsing, streaming, or gaming our desktop provides optimal sessions to meet your needs.

Next Gen Performance

The Intel® Core™ i9 processor 14900K is equipped with 8 performance cores (P-core) and 16 efficiency cores (E-core), which can simultaneously help with the multitasking needs of gamers and provide a smooth gaming experience.

Further With AI, Faster on RTX SUPER

Discover the RTX AI advantage. Built for the era of AI, GeForce RTX™ SUPER and NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs feature specialized AI Tensor Cores that deliver cutting-edge performance and next-gen capabilities. From enhanced creativity and ultra-efficient productivity to blisteringly fast gaming, the ultimate in AI power on Windows PCs is on RTX.

Relative Performance to RTX 3080 Ti

3840x2160 Resolution, Highest Game Settings, DLSS Super Resolution Performance Mode, DLSS Ray Reconstruction; DLSS Frame Generation on RTX 40 Series, i9-12900K, 32GB RAM, Win 11 x64. Alan Wake 2 with Full Ray Tracing.


This new generation of MSI Desktops introduces various faceplate styles that greatly improve airflow into the chassis. Multiple intake fans mounted at the front bring in cold air from the well-ventilated front panels, while an exhaust fan at the back serves extracts hot air from the system.

Forzr AI Cooling

The Forzr AI Cooling helps identifies the hottest components and adjusts the system's fan speeds for optimal heat dissipation seamlessly.

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